Behind the Diamond Rock

santorini wedding planner

17  years ago α beautiful friendship began, a friendship so unique that spending time together was just not enough. With many years passing by it  was so strong that endured and finally resulted in a wonderful partnership. So, we have brought together our talents and know-how to create “The Diamond Rock” , our boutique event planning company based on the island of Santorini. We realized that together we had the ability, the taste and the expertise to organize unique, truly magical weddings in this gorgeous location and offer a lasting experience to our couples.

Through our travels, we have learnt and familiarize with different cultures which makes it easier for us to work with couples from all over the world no matter of their nationality, religion or mentality.

Our multilingual team can speak English, French, Italian, German , Arabian, Russian, Polish and Greek, but our success is mainly due to our client-centered communication approach and the relationship of trust that we build! Of course, this is why we end up becoming good friends with our clients and we continue having fun long after the event! Because WE CARE! And this is exactly the way to make a couple feel even more special on the most important day of their life…

Diamond Rock is a company that boasts an extensive team of professionals, who offer only the highest level of creativity as well as personalized services, and come up with the most spectacular venues, exquisite floral designs and delectable menu options.

Meet the team

Frantseska Tsebelis

Frantseska Tsebelis: (Greek-Italian) is an amazing architect and interior designer for the past 16 years . Passionate for decoration and colors, she designs and creates elegant and unique events, she always has the most awesome ideas on how to make your event special.

Sarah Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter: (Belgian) is a stunning fashion designer and partner in retail of 4 fashion boutiques (Spicy Boutiques & The Lace) for the past 15 years on the island. Loving fashion and having natural talent in detail, she can guarantee that the result touches absolute perfection! Patience and listening are her strengths.

Cleoniki Tzika(Cleo)

Wedding Coordinator

Email corresponder, vendor coordinator, social media lover and blog writer. A true romantic, a fairytale believer and a magic chaser. Determined to make your wedding day the most beautiful day of your life. At your wedding she will probably be crying because as she says, there is too much love to hold it in.
Loves soulmate unions and cotton candy.

Maria Demartinou

Legalization Department

Gently in heart and always ready to help. She is excited and passionate for new things at her job. She is organized and loves everything being in order.Every couple is a small different story for us. It helps the team work create “sparking weddings”. All the girls are a glitter from the “Diamond Rock”

Nicoletta Barbata

Wedding Storyteller

Born with the answer ready, appointed to reply to all the couples’ doubts from A to Z. She is the one welcoming you to TDR world and before you know, she will make you understand we could be your angels! Photographer and blogger fully in love with the island, she will have the right tip for your perfect day!

Kamila Fytrou

Reservation Mananger

Organized, friendly, efficient, hardworking and always ready to help. Living in Santorini for over 10 years she is capable to find you and your loved One’s best accommodation within your requirement’s.


The Big Boss

Dedicated to keep all the girls together and behave themselves. The boss is responsible for many everyday tasks such as sleeping, eating and recieving hugs from all the ladies. His presence makes the Puuuurfect addition to the team!

Alexandra Staka

Social Media Manager

Passionate uploader with eclectic style and great taste to everything wedding related. With her phone in her hands and a big smile, she shares your dream weddings so the whole world can celebrate it with you. A true example of being social instead of just doing social.