Frequently Asked Questions

- Our Policy

IN order to ensure your wedding date, we kindly ask for a deposit of 1240€ VAT is included in. This amount will be withdraw from your wedding package to be quoted by the planners and the vendors.

The payment of the amount mentioned above can be made directly throw our bank account.

- Which will be the exact wedding procedure?

We will be at your disposal during all the preparation and also for the wedding, from the first moment that you will choose our team to organize your special day until the last minute. The most important parts that we have to organize and defined based on your needs and your dreams are:

Venue – Celebrant – Vendors – Decoration – Food – Music – Transportation

- Which is the procedure for a religion Catholic wedding?

The condition for a Catholic wedding is that one member of the couple has to be a permanent resident of Santorini Island.

- Which is the procedure for a religion Orthodox wedding?

Currently for an Orthodox wedding is that at least one member of the couple must has baptized as Christian Orthodox.

- What is the procedure for a Civil Wedding?

In order to have a civil wedding, one should start gathering their papers and complete the legal procedures at least 3 months before the ceremonyOur official solicitor will attend your wedding in order to provide you with your marriage certificate to be signed on the spot.
With your authorization, our solicitor will proceed to the Town Hall the next working day (without needing you to be present) in order to finalize your documents accordingly, and send them out to get the final apostille stamp.

- Which is the best period in order to get married in Santorini?

The best period to get married in Santorini is the summer season between April and October for the better weather conditions. Between these months and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the island in its most appropriate season.

- Are you intimated and don’t you know where to accommodate your guests?

Don’t hesitate to ask and take advantage of it! We are ready to accommodate your guests in the best way possible, using our reservations department experienced team. Our expertise will make sure that they will find unique places according your budget!

- Aren't you sure about renting a Vehicle?

Even though Santorini is indeed a small island, we warmly recommend you to rent a car in order to travel around and admire its small and unique villages or its volcanic beaches.

- Would you like a special reportage to capture the magic of the big day?

Depending on your package and your style, you will have the availability to choose between a wide varieties of artists and select the one you like the most.

- Cancellation Policy

In case of a cancelation no deposit will be refundable as stated in our contact and policy. in case of postponement of the event all the amounts already paid will be transferable for another date.