10 years ago today, two crazy kids fell in love.

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Date : 2023

From USA with love…


On the cliff


Ben Rigas photography


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Started with a heart wish, followed with a proposal and continues with love, commitment and a whole lot of fun.

Heather and Paul, a love that grows through time, celebrating their 10 year anniversary under the stellar blue sky of the fabulous Santorini, a dream made reality.

Hand in hand, with the eternal love in their hearts, to exchange their everlasting vows, the bride enjoying the unalike ride with the donkey toward her love, waiting for her in the bedazzled caldera , the decoration of which reflects the warm heart but the rebel soul of our couple.

Through the eyes of a dreamer, and into the souls of the curious, their journey continues with a set of photography embracing the unique view of the caldera to the beautiful purple peculiar flowers representative of the island, to make the day remarkable in their memory.


Tying the knot our dazzling couple, walked toward the reception for a shot. The free spirited style decorations, filled with the poetry of a sweet golden color mixed with a serene ethereal white.  Sprinkling the moment with the cutting of the amazing cake in the dreaming place of Agaze Restaurant the couple experienced the most beautiful and heartwarming smiles for their special day.