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Date : 2020

From Australia with love…


The Diamond Rock


Nathan Wyatt

Life is so much funnier when you have someone that completes you like Freya and Andrew have each other. They are such a dynamic couple they could make the world go round on their wedding day.

The decorations they chose were pink with a hint of white, so romantic and elegant. Pinkish curtains were dancing in the ocean breeze and pink and white flowers were completing the gazebo decoration.

Our Groom waited for his Bride under the gazebo and she made her appearance with her amazing wedding dress with the veil sleeves dancing in the air and she left everyone captivated. They exchanged their own vows of love and they left the venue while friends and family sprinkled them with rose petals.

The guests went by the pool to enjoy the view and their drinks while the couple were taking the most iconic pictures for their wedding album.

Long tables with candles and greenery leaves were set up for the reception and all were waiting to welcome the happy couple. The time for the speeches came and after parents, couple and groomsmen the microphone went to the bridesmaids who had prepared an inspiring “happening” along with all the guests when one by one stood up from their seats and gave advices for the married life to the newlyweds.

And what a better sparkle to start the party than the fireworks during the first dance. The dance floor was full with people and the night went on with dancing and having fun. May all their nights to be as joyful and full of love as this one.