A love that lasts a lifetime

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Date : 2005

From Greece & Mexico with love…


The Diamond Rock


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The power of love is that it sees all people. Ted and Ivan, our beloved couple, chose Santorini to celebrate their love and commitment to each other of 20 years. Their love and strong bond were reflected in their eyes as they were talking to each other from our very first virtual meetings. This is the kind of love that everybody dreams of.

A 3-day event held in the sun-kissed Santorini as one day was not enough for our couple to celebrate their unique love with the presence of their family and friends. For their first day they desired to have an unforgettable cruise with a wooden boat along with all their loved ones. From the morning hours until sunset time it was a day full of laughs, fun and dances on the deck with the music choices of their DJ. As we were in one of the hottest days of summer, one by one jumped in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Their rehearsal dinner took place on the second day of their celebration, the evening before the big day, in Astra Suites. The guests, dressed in a formal attire, gathered in the restaurant and bar area in order to enjoy their dinner all together. Ted and Ivan, gave stirring speeches and made a solemn promise for even more years of commitment and love.

Their 3-day celebration ended with the special day of the renewal of their vows. Our couple had a clear vision from the start about the style of their wedding and we had a blast going through the planning process. Due to the fact that Ted has Greek origins, they desired a typical Greek wedding with details from ancient Greece in combination with a blue and pink themed wedding.

Ted and Ivan, dressed in blue and pink suit accordingly, made a spectacular entrance at the Diamond Rock venue that jaw dropped everyone. They arrived riding donkeys accompanied by two Greek musicians playing daouli and tsabouna. The guests, after their welcome drink, proceeded in the ceremony area to await for the couple.

On our end we combined the pastel blues and pink colors for the flower arrangement of the gazebo to match the couple’s suits. It was a memorable renewal of vows, totally different from the ceremony of other beautiful weddings. This ceremony had more laughs than teardrops but undoubtedly the love was the major element of it.

While our team was focused in setting the tables for the reception, the guests were spending amazing moments in the pool area by enjoying their cocktails. Greek musical instruments and Greek songs and dances could not miss from a Greek wedding. Cretan lyre, bouzouki, flaouto and laouto cheered the guests up and they danced around the pool.

The preferences of our couple for the decoration of the tables and the reception area were exceptional. Long white tables with transparent chairs were set around the reception area so that the dance floor could be spacious enough for the dances that would follow. Gold mirror surfaces added to the tables made the set up more glamorous. As the theme was inspired by Greek antiquity, a variety of several Greek ancient statues and vases were placed on the tables. Even the personalized food menus reminded of the Greek antiquity with the pillars on them. The colorful napkins and the white and cold modern cutlery completed the delicate set up. The candles and the vases with fresh pink and blue flowers on the tables offered a touch of romanticism at the dinner.

During dinner time, a spectacular five-tier cake emerged in the area that made the guests turn their gaze towards it. Our couple approached the dance floor and stood behind the total white cake with the gold crown on it. At the moment of cutting the cake, colorful fireworks brightened the sky above the Diamond Rock venue.

Greek dances and the tradition of smashing plates could not miss from a wedding in Greece. The Diamond Rock team will always remember the wedding event of our beloved Ted and Ivan as one of the weddings with the most fun, dances, drinks and laughs! To many more years of happiness to come!