Nileena & George

From India & Greece with love…


St. Goerge & The Diamond Rock



Vangelis photography


When two people fall in love, they have found their other half or their equal. A marriage between these two equal souls brings their families together in a celebration of that love and their future.

When you meet “your own” couple you have a feeling like you won the jackpot. That’s exactly the feeling we had after our first meeting with Nileena and Peter. So stylish, such open-minded people who perfectly knew how their wedding should be, and how it shouldn’t.

This modern and chic wedding day is filled to the brim with excellent details like the hot pink bougainvillea gazebo decoration, a church ceremony and a truly unbelievable Villa wedding reception venue, complete with a pool!

Besides the church ceremony, Nileena’s family, honoring their Hindu origins, did a small blessing to the happy, just married couple. Because this is what happens when two people from different cultures come together, a love so big that can hold both traditions equally.

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