Adele & Max

From England & India with love…


The Diamond Rock


Nikos Korakakis


Alexandra Eleftheraki

Adele and Max are two great people that dreamed of an elopement wedding in Santorini Greece. Though they could have asked for an elaborate elegance wedding, with a venue filled with family and friends they were both routing for one thing and one thing only. A simple wedding that would make them husband and wife.

A strong nontraditional love story that should be written in books for people to know what they search for when they are looking for love.

The ceremony and reception took place in one of Oia’s most exquisite suites with breathtaking view of the sunset and Aegean sea’s endless blue. A private party for close family that has gathered to the island of Santorini to celebrate the couple’s union.

Adele chose a magnificent white lace dress with sparkling lace details and Max looked classy and stylish in his incredible view matching grey suit.

Their decoration was plain and romantic, exactly like everything else regarding their wedding day. Dusty pink curtains draping on both sides of the arch under which they committed to love each other forever. Beautiful seasonal flowers and a candle light dinner bright enough to put the stars in shame that night.

We can not  thank this lovely couple enough for they made us believe that one day we are all going to meet someone unlike any other. It might be when you are fifteen or it might be when you are one hundred and one. But once you find them, nobody is ever going to compare.


And that is just beautiful.


Xoxo, The Diamond Rock team.