Irene & David

From Austria with love…


Dana Villas



Alexandra Eleftheraki


Love is the only word that can merely describe the connection between Irene and David. We saw it in front of our eyes but most important we felt it in our hearts.

And their wedding decorations couldn’t be anything less than the definition of romance. With white and pink flowers at bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere and also the tables, the chairs and the gazebo and white curtains and fairy lights blend the setting in an airy and graceful whole. Their day could definitely be the dream wedding of every girl who wants to feel like a princess in her special day.

And Irene was undoubtedly a princess! With her classic and elegant wedding dress, which was embellished with diamonds on the neckline, she smiled out of joy and prepared along with her bridesmaids to meet her prince.

David waited for his wife-to-be patiently and the time she arrived his smile betrayed his true feelings. They tied the knot with the Caldera view making the moment even more romantic.

The reception followed and it truly was a perfect intimate party between friends. Heart-shaped confetti and pink rose petals were among the table decorations. Friends and newlyweds enjoyed the photobooth and laughed a lot waiting for the sunset, when the loving couple had their first dance. A modern day romance everyone is craving for.