An ode to love and romance

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Date : 2023

From USA with love…


Love Cave


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Undoubtedly the wedding is the best celebration of a beautiful relationship. A day to celebrate the everlasting love, the beginning of a new life. Sabina and Thomas, madly in love, desired a “just us” experience, which aligned with their values and vision.

On a warm sunlit day in May, our handsomest couple stood side by side on the terrace of Love Cave and sealed their love bond forever. Sabina, in a simple yet elegant long-sleeved white dress, and Thomas, in a grey formal suit, assured their commitment to each other in the purest form. An arch adorned with lush greenery and white seasonal flowers and the stunning view of the ocean created a unique scenery for their vows. It was just the two of them, as best friends, soul mates, lovers, and this was all that mattered for them.

When the sun started to fall to the horizon forming a range of orange and pink hues in the sky, the ceremony set up was transformed into a dreamy dinner for two. The candles splitted around added a touch of warmth to the space and created a sense of serenity and tranquility. A total white wedding cake with white flowers on top was placed in the middle of the table and cutting the cake was the first thing that our couple did together as husband and wife.

Sabina and Tomas, two beautiful hearts, have set a bright example of unfailing love. May the love you have right now deepens throughout time.