Boho Wedding

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Date : 2023

From Lithuania with love…


Love cave


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Wanting to celebrate their wedding far from the Baltic atmosphere, the couple chose the warm climate of Greece and Santorni, safe also from the pandemic of Covid-19 which has put a hold to countless of dreams. This is their story, they are a couple that was not afraid to travel cross Europe in order to see this dream become reality.

On the 26th of July 2020, a beautiful journey began for them. Two kind and generous people who sealed their life together in a private venue, the Cave Of Love, located in Oia village, on the north side of the island. The ceremony took place in the panoramic terrace of the venue, from where the couple enjoyed the breathtaking view and aura of Santorini. The wedding was boho themed, decorated with different dried flowers, palm leaves, pampas and of course romantic roundabout candles. Everything was carefully staged in the terrace, in order to create a perfect ambience for the famous “I do” to be announced by the beautiful bride.

Indre dressed a long white wedding gown, united with two candid veils, letting her straight hair fall down her back as if she was an angel. Kestutis chose a classic yet elegant suite, in blue and white colors. Together the two of them stood side by side, completing each other by representing a true image of pure love and happiness.

The atmosphere created with the help of all the elements present, was truly exceptional.
It was an honor for the Wedding Wonderland Team to be a part of this beautiful event.
We wish you all the best dearest Indre & Kestutis, hoping you can live a life where all the emotions you felt on that very special day, can fill your hearts forever!