Brooke & John

From America with love…


The Diamond Rock


Nikos Korakakis


Nathan Wyatt

Not very often we meet couples full in love where you can see the flame in their eyes!
We had the pleasure to meet one of them 2 years ago.
Brook and John made their decision to get married in Santorini, in the Diamond Rock Venue, so from now on, the 17th of May will always be a diamond wedding date not only for them, but for us also.
Our beautiful bride was happy and seemed to be calm and relaxed. She enjoyed with her bridesmaids every preparation and she always was wearing her best smile.
We loved her curly long hair and her crown made of olive oil leaves, an ancient Greek element of glory and beauty. She chose the same decoration for the bouquet, mixed with some white roses. The wedding dress was very chic, embroidered with shiny details on the straps and a tail of a princess.
John was very handsome in his royal blue suit and was apparently happy and ready to exchange the vows of his eternal love. We were really fond of seeing him having fun with his best men around the pool, all of them perfectly matched their suits.
During the wedding ceremony, we noticed Brooke’s and John’s faces, the way they were looking each other and holding their hands, was reflecting every “I do” they shared with us.
Their first dance wasmagical, fireworks above them, warm touches and sweet words between them.
Two people with pure and real feelings, so in love that made us believe that our own “half” is somewhere out there, waiting for us, as our sweet John waited for our lovely Brooke!