Cut out of a fairy tale

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Date : 2023

From Canada with love…


On the cliff


Lighthouse photography


6 guests

For many brides there is no better place on earth to say “I do” than in a top of a cliff with a heart-stopping view of ocean and a scarlet sky as the backdrop. The fondest desire of Hailey & William, our nature lover couple, was a place where our mind wander.

Our cliff top venue, with a rocky terrain below and in the distance, the breathtaking sight of the Mediterranean Sea was the place where our beloved couple set their heart on. There couldn’t be a more auspicious place to celebrate the start of their life together.

In the presence of few close relatives, Hailey & William, pledged allegiance and everlasting devotion beneath a wooden triangle arch. The attire of the lovebirds matched perfectly with the scenery. William, in an earthy tone suit and Hailey, in a boho wedding dress, holding a bouquet of wild blooms with neutral, crisp tones exuded joy and serenity.

A landscape dotted with whitewashed buildings and an orthodox church overlooking the ocean formed the set for the immortalization of their perfect day.

May your Love be like the Earth. Rich, natural, and deeply rooted. Strong as rock yet soft as sand. Always growing and always patient.