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Date : 2021

From Soudan & Egypt with love…


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Being wedding planners based in Santorini, we are used to celebrating Caldera weddings, which is the dream of millions of people around the world. With Jessica & Keyro this was not the plan. They decide to stand out and celebrate their wedding day in Athens, the capital of Greece. When we first met the couple in Athens, we immediately understood the love that bonded them but also their passion towards the tradition of their Coptic beliefs.

While going through the process of creating their dream day, we slowly got to meet the young Arabian couple more and more, seeing into their beautiful personalities and realizing their overflowing love and support for each other in any matter coming their way. With the ultimate goal of having their customs honored they followed our guidance and together we worked to create what turned out to be the wedding of the year!

The Coptic ritual ceremony settled in a beautiful Church in the city center of Athens.

The bride, dressed in a long white classic wedding gown, which emphasized her blonde hair and olive skin tone was truly stunning. Beside her Keyro, an elegant groom dressed in a grey suite adorned by a black bow tie.

The wedding reception took place in Vouliagmeni Lake, a breathtaking fairytale location which we decorated with countless fairy lights, candles and flowers to set the mood exactly as our couple had dreamed it. Upon their arrival on the spot the mood was completed and the atmosphere lightened up with the couple’s presence.

Family and friends, all of their beloved guests knowing how to party, proving it all evening through their dance and laughter. A magical day unravelling into a glorious night surely left everyone attending with a full filing experience and moments to hold dear forever.

Every wedding tells a different story, dressed in different colors, offering various emotions. For Jessica and Keyro’s wedding we can say without a doubt that joy and passion ran through our hearts from the first to the last minute of the day.

We wish nothing more than a happy and wholesome life for this exceptional couple, let their story be an inspiration leading you to believe that fairytales can come true.