“Don’t ask me, surprise me!…”

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Date : 2020

From England with love…


venetsanos – Rocabella


George pahountis

When the charming, delightful and intelligent Scott approached us last year, we couldn’t help but feel excited about his proposals in mind.
The Groom to be had big plans in mind and invited us on-board to help plan and make all his dreams become a reality.
His wishes were to not only sweep the love of his life Michelle off her feet with a beautiful surprise proposal, but to also go the extra mile and plan a stunning Wedding for the day after! Yes, that’s right…he wanted to plan this spectacular arrangement in the space of 24 hours. A day in their life that they were never going to forget.
Scott whisked his beautiful ‘Bride to be’ Michelle off to the wonderful Island of Santorini for the special occasion.
Santorini is the Dream location when it comes to Weddings and he choose wisely.
There was more of an emotional link to Scott’s secret proposal than meets the eye. The date for the Wedding proposal was also the anniversary of her Mother’s death. A moment her Mother would look down on and surely approve, knowing her daughter was thought of so highly and lovingly by Scott.
The initial surprise of the Wedding proposal was made just a few days into what Michelle thought was just a fairly normal vacation.
Magical moments burst into joy and tears of happiness as Scott got down on knee and surprised Michelle the day before the secret Wedding. Of course, she said YES! The Diamond ring was gracefully gifted and there to cheer on the announcement was Michelle & Scott’s closest friends and family. Scott had flown the 45 guests over to be in on the big surprise. After their two days of hiding, they couldn’t keep any more excitement.
Scott didn’t just make a simple proposal, he led the way with surprise party. Food, drinks, singer and fireworks where all taken care off.
Michelle was left shocked, yet over the moon as her surprise proposal from the love of her life Scott. She had been waiting over one year for a proposal and really didn’t expect it would be organized like this. It was the best surprise she could have Dreamed of.
As sunset set the happiness lifted and excitement grew bigger because the next day was the Wedding Day!
Scott blissfully informed Michelle of their Dream Wedding Day that was taking place in less than 24 hours.
What about the Dress you may think?! Scott had thought of every detail and even had two choices made by ‘Brides of Southampton” Both elegant and classic. They fit like a glove.
The Special Day was hosted at Rocabella, Santorini. With exceptional scenery and decorations planned, it really was perfection.
Their Gazebo overlooking the stunning Caldera of Santorini was decorated with blush and white roses. The tables were graced with candles, centerpieces, and delicately printed name tags to match the pretty color palette. Even beautiful fairy lights were added to give such an extra sparkle to the occasion. Scott had taken care of every single detail.
A talented Saxophone player lead the entrance of the Ceremony with his musical bliss and after the emotional, yet joyful Ceremony the couple dance the night away with their loved ones.
Scott had a lot of guts to put all his emotional and thoughts into this proposal but of course he followed his heart and knew deep down he was doing the most beautiful thing for the woman for he loved so dearly.
We wish this magical couple the best success and future together! A surprise none of us will ever forget.