Endless love, just like the ocean!

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Date : 1999

From Malta with love…


The Diamond Rock


Lana photography


30 guests

The wedding day of these two stunning souls was bound to be uniquely spectacular.

The flavours of the day were romantic and cozy style, epic emotions and limitless amounts of fun. And this amazing couple did nothing less than truly pull it off! Beginning with a short and sweet but absolutely impactful ceremony at the church and ending with a dance floor and sore feet, this was a celebration of the best kind.

Madalina, as if she was coming out of a magical fairytale perfection in an elegant and soft wedding dress, while Bachan in a modern beige and white suit experienced one of the most beautiful photo shoot experience on the cliffs of this stunning island with the deep emerald Aegean Sea as a background and the summer breeze caressing their faces.

This lovely couple, extended their celebration in the reception location where you could notice a touch of simplicity, elegance and dreamlike decoration colors infused, such as warm pink and orange roses and some greenery.

By all of this, it were the moments in between that continued to give us all the feels, captured to perfection, from a captivatingly private getting ready party to the magnificent show of fireworks in the dark starry sky, Madalina and Bachan gave heartwarming energies to every one present.

Remember, Marriage, means coming home to each other at the end of the day and forgetting all of your troubles. It means being in this thing together and never feeling alone again.

To you Madalina and Bachan, and to your forever lasting happiness!