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Date : 2011

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The Diamond Rock


nikos gogas

An outstanding wedding held in the Diamond Rock venue, on the Cliffside of the caldera, our dear couple, Barbara and Nathaniel got married in the most romantic wedding ceremony.

A glorious overflowing floral gazebo, countless candles, pigeons, petals and the most positive aura of the guests, dressed the wedding day of our beloved couple. After hours of dedicated planning and constant communication, our wedding team brought every wish and desire of our couple to life, having as the ultimate reward, their honest smiles.

Barbara, a proud woman from the glorious Nigeria, was stunning, dressed in her elegant wedding gown leaving everyone speechless upon stepping on the ceremony terrace. Nathaniel, waiting to hold his wife’s hands as she walked down the aisle, was wearing his official military uniform, as did all his best men, showing respect to their country. After following a unique wedding ceremony, Barbara & Nathaniel got married, setting free two pigeons as a final sealing of their love bond.

Once the ceremony ended the couple had a lovely photo shooting while their guests enjoyed the delicious finger food and cocktail hour in the Diamond Rock venue. Our team, with the assistance of our collaborative partners, transformed the ceremony terrace to the couple’s magical dinner setup, under the fairy lit gazebo which offered the most magical scene.

Dinner, speeches, dancing and fireworks followed before the party began bringing more life to the reception party and dance floor. This amazing wedding ended with our couple saying their final goodbyes to their beloved guests before everyone departed from the venue.

What a great honor it has been to having met and experienced this exceptional wedding day with our couple, Barbara & Nathaniel. From the bottom of our hearts we send our best of wishes, hoping for nothing but joy and happiness to all their days.