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Date : 2021

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The Diamond Rock


antonis eleftherakis

May 28th 2018 marked one of the most special dates in the calendar of two beautiful souls. Phoebe & Sam, both represent a strong bond of love and respect. They are very energetic  souls it only made sense that they decided to celebrate their love in one of the most dynamic place of the world: Santorini.

Phoebe and Sam from United Kingdom stand for inspiration. It was only a pleasure that The Diamond Rock Wedding Planners felt excited when they had chosen our team to organize their Special Day. Frantseska was more than ready to share their energy, passion and ideas into organizing the Big Day. As successful business woman of the Weddings World she has all the experience and ability under her belts to make sure that the couple was going to experience the most magnificent day that they will never ever forget. The Diamond Rock Venue was absolutely the best place for the celebration!  A lot of thought, hard work and dedication went into the planning Phoebe and Sam’s Special Day. Phoebe & Sam exchanged their promises overlooking the magical Caldera of Santorini. With the Venue located exactly on the dramatic cliff rocks surrounding the Caldera. A true taste of elegance swept over the Caldera when the couple chose for a mixed white-beige & rose style of decorations, also the wedding cake reflected the same style and delicious taste. The choice of white & rose flowers and eucalyptus leaves for the reception decoration add a touch of charm and pureness.

Phoebe had her hair down with a small part up hanged buy a pearled hair grip and diamond encrusted earrings. She wore a simple long white. Sam kept his style classic and handsome. He wore a tailored suit powered by the beige gilet. At the begin of the ceremony she decided to write him a love’s letter and he couldn’t hold his tears. The ritual was very commotional and the reception moved smoothly, the drinks flowed and the food was most definitely enjoyed. The breathtaking Santorini Sunset graced the occasion and the party continued after dinner with typical music and dances! Our team were honored to have been a part of the occasion. We wish we could re live the day all over again!