Eternally together

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Date : 2023

From UK with love…


On the cliff


Kapetanakis photography


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Caitlin and her significant other decided they wanted to go the non-traditional route when it came to tying the knot, so they traveled to the gorgeous Santorini and eloped with a most romantic setup at the perfect unbeatable place for their rebellious and free spirit, right on the cliffs with an outstanding view from the blue ocean of the island and on the background minimalistic but beautifully decorated with white and pink roses, a triangle arch.

The bride looked gorgeous with her beautiful white dress and the groom wearing a suit, both dazzling and happy together in that right specific moment exchanging their vows and tying the knot. Not soon after the adorable couple enjoyed a photo shooting around the most unique places of the island.

Just like their unique vibes the couple enjoyed a unique dinner under the beautiful sunset of Santorini in one of the most amazing restaurants, Madame SouSou. The table decorated in a simple way with a light pink runner, white and pink roses and with candles made the atmosphere more loving and intimate.

At this moment you could see in the couple’s eyes the great love and the true meaning of the expression: Eternally together!