Ana Maria & Craig

From Romania & Scotland with love…


S.George church - The Diamond Rock venue


Nikos Korakakis


Alexandra Eleftheraki

The 4th of June 2017, when the princess’s dream comes to Santorini to join the two worlds. Ana Maria from Romania, an amazing strong person and Craig from Scotland.

It was the most beautiful fairytale between the two worlds. When they met, they did not know how much they would love each other. They wanted to swear in front of God for their everlasting love…

The ceremony took place at the church of St. Georgios in Oia. The ceremony was so emotionally… It was “charged” by love!! This love brought them together and traveled them miles away.

Being surrounded by friends and family during the ceremony always makes it less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

All the guests were there to enjoy with the couple and take part in their happiness. Everything they have asked for became real!!

Yes, they were in Santorini for their special day as they wished for.

She was wearing a princess “Sisi dress. Greg while wearing his kilt seemed so confident and happy for his decision to stand at her side.

After the religious ceremony and the nice photos they had with their family, they followed their guests at the reception. Τhe reception would take place at the Diamond Rock. A unique area with incredible view at the endless blue of the sea.

The colors of the reception in pale pink and cream. They were so chic and matched perfectly to the Diamond Rock venue. Colors so “quiet” but at the same time as dynamic and intense as it fits for the day…

They loved it and “saw their selves” matching in the picture…


Until the end of the reception, the Queen Ana Maria remained in his heart.