Helena & Melvin

From France with love…


The Diamond Rock Venue



Thanos Rivios


Young, beautiful and in love, determined to marry in the most beautiful island of the world!!!

They choose to have only their closest friend as guests.

All of them was a wonderful and a happy group of young people. Their smiling faces was surrounding us!!

When it is time to choose your wedding colors you need to considerate which are the “vibes” you want to have for your special day!!

Helena and Melvin choose the “safe” white, pale pink with a touch of green”. The pallet of these colors make them feel calm and confident…

The ceremony took place in the Diamond Rock venue in a very beautiful atmosphere…It was all they have looked for….

She was gorgeous in her white lace dress and Melvin “fill in” the picture, with his blue suit.

After the ceremony, the guests went to the cocktail aria, by the pool, to enjoy the view having some drinks and cotton candy.

They all had the best time and nice pictures of the wedding date!!

A wedding, full of romantic moments and a classic, elegant style for the reception!!!

It was the Greek band who made them start enjoying the party. They were dancing all evening with all the friends who joined them on the dance floor.

We are so honored to have been part of this spectacular day, and we wish Helena and Melvin nothing but happiness as they begin their lives together as officially wife and husband.