Marianna & Ricardo

From Brazil with love…


The Diamond Rock Venue


Nikos Korakakis


George Pahountis


Marianna and Ricardo were a captivating couple from the beginning of their wishes and beyond the reality.

As soon as we met them we could only imagine how beautiful their Dream Day could become.

They were both enthusiastic, deeply in love and beautiful from the inside out.

The beautiful Bride and Groom came from Brazil, so it was no surprise to us that they had a joy for life and enjoyed the cheerful, sunshine climate of wonderful Santorini. Marianna, with her blonde hair and blue eye was strikingly stunning in her beauty. She represented classy simplicity like no other.

We were so happy and grateful that we had a Bride who so cool and relaxed. She trusted us and let us create the perfect decorations.

A day graced in gold leaf, beautiful flowers, delicious food and superb company. What more could the couple desire?

They have the perfect backdrop of the majestic Caldera behind their elegantly decorated gazebo. This location of pure privacy and exclusively could be no other than The Diamond Rock Villa and Venue.

A setting so versatile and so beautifully structured for the occasion.

Marianna and Ricardo took breathtaking photos as the famous Santorini approached.

Afterwards they took center stage to the main area of the Venue to join their loved once for the celebrations. They danced in joy and pure celebration for their love. Marianna and Ricardo had no hesitations in throwing their best dance shapes and enjoying every moment. She was a truly fantastic dancer and all eyes were on her. Marianna knew how to captivate Ricardo and her guests.

They were the best dance duo of the season.

Our Bride was elegantly styled with a modern twist to her beautifully laced Fernando peixoto dress. She added a blossoming flower to her hair to match the occasion of decorations and she looked beautiful.

Ricardo in his Ricardo almeida  suit, continued to sweep his blushing Bride off her feet all evening, as they gushed, laughed and experienced every moment of their dreams in reality.

Fireworks laced the special occasion and the skyline with bright colors and sheer delight. The skyline glowed and so did the guests faces.

We only wish Marianna and Ricardo the best. To love, health and happiness forever…