Vaya & Hachim

From Lebanon with love…


The Diamond Rock


Nikos Korakakis


Alexandra Eleftheraki

This beautiful couple’s wedding was an absolutely fantastic day that will be kept among our sweetest memories!


Vaya & Hicham chose to celebrate their union in the private and luxurious The Diamond Rock Venue.


It was all perfectly organized for our dear couple so they could relax and enjoy the preparations for their special day. 


The Diamond Rock Venue is a perfect location for this since it provides a relaxing and beautiful structure for the couple to start their preparations.

Their ceremony was held under the gazebo facing the amazing view of the ancient caldera cliff.


The white fabric decorating the gazebo was blowing delicately with the wind and the flower arrangements were very beautiful with their white and pink flowers and a touch of green with the olive leaves.



Like a typical Lebanese celebration, the dancing and singing to traditional music took place immediately at the reception!


They had 80 guests attending the wedding and everyone was dancing and singing!! The Venue was glowing with all that powerful energy from their happy atmosphere and from the Zaghareet, which is the joyous sound heard at their celebrations.


On top of that all we had something that was shining brighter than anything else that evening: The bride’s amazing smile!!!


We couldn’t help but smile with her every time we looked at her direction! Dear Vaya & Hicham, thank you so much for trusting in our work and allowing us to witness such a lovely celebration!


We wish you an amazing new life together!!

We hope to see you soon in our visit to Lebanon!