I’ll be loving you, always with a love that’s true

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Date : 2020

From Korea with love…


Dana Villas


Rivios photography


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When we first met this lovely couple, a single thought crossed our mind: Love in its truest form!

Nicole and Siew Woon, they immediately fell in love with each other and from there a new chapter unraveled for them.

Once their minds where set of their vision for their future life together, they decided to visit Greece along with their family in order to make their dreams come true.


The big day, on the 17th of May 2023 was when the couple made their marriage official, in Dana Villas’ venue located exactly on cliff of the Caldera, with the famous dynamic the landscape and the peaceful Aegean Sea.

Siew Woon was standing happy and confident while waiting on his beloved significant other. The bride, dressed with her white wedding gown, arrived on the spot leaving everyone breathless with her radiant presence. With the breeze fluttering her dress and gently brushing in between her slightly curly black hair, she was walking accompanied by her father up to her husband to be to hold his hands with a bright smile. With the emotional happy mood and the gazebo overlooking the caldera, the ceremony could only be characterized as a fairytale.

After the ceremony, the couple continued the celebration of their bonding with the island’s rich culinary tradition, offering elegance, and the perfect location for our couple to make memories of a lifetime.

Dearest Nicole and Siew Woon, we wish you all the best and that the life you have chosen to carve together will always make you smile everyday as much as you smiled on the day of your wedding.