Monica & Mario

From Italy with love…


On the cliff



Thanos Rivios photography


Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about and you want to cherish all the memories for yourself.

An Erasmus trip in Greece and a graduation present lead our couple to Santorini to unite their lives. Monica and Mario choose our island as scenery and we couldn’t be happier to organize their dream wedding and celebrate their love.

And what a better place to elope than right on the cliff with the dramatic scenery and views of all the island and the volcano as a background. The decorations completed the whole image with golden elegant pedestals with pink and white flowers. Simple yet stylish.

Our bride’s bouquet and our groom’s boutonniere were matching the rest of the decorations. Our couple reached the location holding hands, with our bride’s dress shimmering in the sun, and they exchanged their vows moments before the sun went down.

They cut their cake which was simple and decorated with pink flowers and macaroons and some golden leaves for extra sparkle and enjoyed a glass of champagne right before they take photos at the sunset.

The day ended the way it started with Love and lots of smiles. May all the days be like this one!