Sam & Byron

From England with love…


The Diamond Rock Venue


Nikos Korakakis


Alexandra Eleftheraki


Real soul mates have a special characteristic that you just cannot overlook. It is, mainly, in the way people start to look alike, not only in appearance but also in the way they behave and talk. This is the first thing we noticed with Samantha and Byron, the strong way they looked alike and how much each of them had help to evolve the other in the best way possible.

Dreams are wishes that our hearts make.  Sam and Byron did not have to wish for nothing else in this world as at that moment, they had everything they wished for. They had each other.  Romantic dream catchers were hanging from the gazebo and the fairy lights added a bit of fairytale dust to their magical union. A day that they will one day describe to their children and their children’s children.

Their wedding decoration colors were simple and beautiful. White flowers with a soft essence of light peach and olive leaves combined with the magical view of The Diamond Rock Venue. White flowers swimming in the pool just added to the already incredible scenery.

Stylish guests that enjoyed the couple’s special day at its fullest and wore exceptional clothing and hats, oh, how we love the drama of a hat.

Good drinks and a never empty dance floor is the key to success in every wedding. These wonderful people hold that key to the perfect night that ended with fireworks that made the sky bright and colorful.

It is always a pleasure being involved in a soul mates’ union. With this beautiful couple, looking really full filled and happy, we just could not be any more blessed to be a part of their wedding day. For it is the first day of the rest of their long, beautiful and lovely life together.

Xoxo, The Diamond Rock team.