Laura & Thierry

From U.S.A with love…


The Diamond Rock



Vangelis photography


Marriage is truly an adventure, and for a couple like Laura and Thierry, who were born with the travel-bug, their wedding couldn’t be anything less than a journey with their family and friends from all around the world.

The decorations were simple yet graceful with white flowers all over the gazebo, on the bridal bouquet and the boutonnieres too. In addition to this, white curtains swirled at the gazebo creating the perfect scenery. Because nothing can go wrong when you choose white.

Our Bride, always with a smile on her face, put her tasteful wedding dress on and walked down the aisle towards her soulmate with her father on her side. Genuine laughing at full blast during the ceremony, and later the reception, revealed the beginning of a happy journey between two people who were meant to be.

The decorations of the reception tables matched the white theme and candles light up the party. An enormous wedding cake was cut with a sword by our two adventurous souls and the party started with their first dance in an upbeat tone.

We wish them to travel the world like they used to and put in their bags many more adventures and new experiences together.