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Date : 2014

From Ytaly with love…


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Elegance in simplicity. This is right expression we could choose to perfectly describe this romantic wedding and wholesome couple.

Like their style and ideals, their simple love story filled our hearts. Being truly wondrous figures and free spirits the two met through their travels and after finding comfort and trust in each other’s arms, they finally and with no doubts decided to seal their lifetime together with the bonds of marriage. As a dream destination for most, and since it was the place they first met, Santorini was the location they chose to have their wedding. With their decision to get married on the beautiful caldera, our team had the honor to meet them and create the most enriching experience which reflected their colorful personalities.

Right on the picturesque cliff of the caldera, Cave Of Love venue was the location to hold the couple’s magical evening, dressed in the vivid colors of the breathtaking sunset and the sharp beauty of the volcanic rocks. The Bride’s simple white gown perfectly sealed her innocence, emphasizing her kind smile and natural effortless beauty. In contrast, the strong figure of the Groom, matched with the earthly tones of his suit and once standing beside his beloved, the couple truly shinned brighter than the warm sun hugging their background.

Laughter and countless of smiles filled the atmosphere with the good vibes and energetic aura of the perfectly matched couple surely setting the perfect mood. With just the right amount of decorations, romantic candle lightning and flowers to spread the scent of spring, the terrace of the Venue was filled with love and passion, making us feel as if time had stopped for everyone to enjoy and imprint that day forever in their hearts.

Accompanied by the closest friends, we enjoyed with them the coziest and most intimate experience in the gorgeous and private roof of the Venue. With delicacies and eclectic wine the night ended in the most delightful tone, leaving us with nothing but a satisfying feeling of having lived such a heartwarming day with the most uplifting company.

In hopes for their story to inspire anyone who comes across to ready it, let us say with certainty that taking a leap of faith is something we learned from the to be always good and for the best. There is not much we can wish to this beloved couple since they have accomplished everything together through passion and their devotion to one another. A life filled with happiness, peace of mind and goals set high is something they own and is truly admirable.