Sakiko & Patrick

From Japan & Germany with love…





Roberto Panciatici


Sakiko and Patrick is one of those couples that seem so good together that you are pretty sure they were together since the beginning of ever. Now even though we are so lucky to be able to see true love in all of our couples, this love, is the kind of love they write poems about. Or novels, or movies.

Sakiko and Patrick had a long distanced relationship that ended with Sakiko moving around the world to live with the man of her life, Patrick. A sacrifice that seems so small when you see the both of them together. Two gentle hearts that found that beating together is what they were made for.

Patrick, from Germany and Sakiko from Japan, decided to get married somewhere in the middle, and what better place than Santorini, that combines rough cliff edges and smooth ocean water just like their unit of two so unsimilar but fate combining worlds.

The decoration was white and classy matching like a glove the view at Andromeda. The view was breathtaking, not that anyone could see any of that , once the bride walk in, in her Vera Wang dress.

There is a secret to the perfect marriage, an accessory that both wore. Their smile of happiness knowing that from now on, they do not have to worry about miles, distances or time differences.


Xoxo , the Diamond Rock Team.

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