Carolina & David

From Sweden &Australia with love…





Vangelis photography


Love will find you wherever you are. That is what happened to Carolina when she traveled to Australia. She found her love of her life and David found his. A romantic incident that led them to choose the most romantic place for their wedding day, Santorini.

The decorations were simple yet elegant with white, pale yellow, peach and light pink flowers and a little bit of greenery. The gazebo was decorated with white curtains, along with the flowers, which matched perfectly with the white wood of the gazebo and the white chairs.

Our Bride, always with her kind smile, got ready with her bridesmaids in a friendly and joyful atmosphere totally prepared to meet her Husband-to-be. In the meantime, our Groom with his best men were having a good time laughing and joking, being equally ready for the big moment.

Our stunning couple, looked like a magazine cover, tied the knot with the company of family and friends and even the Caldera wasn’t enough to distract them from the happy couple. Always smiling, you could see it in the way they looked each other that they were meant to be.

The reception was the same graceful and stylish as the ceremony with white linen and pale yellow flowers as centerpieces. The highlight of the night was the comic sketch of the bridesmaids, a unique performance for the newlyweds.

Later on, Husband and Wife –from now on- shared their first dance with fireworks accompanying them in the night sky, shining like their future together.