A Flute of Ch…ic

Date : 2020

From USA & London with love…


The Diamond Rock



October 10th 2019 marked one of the most special dates in the calendar for our beautiful couple. Stephanie and John represent a strong unity.

They are both kind and transmit an explosion of happiness, so it only made sense that they decided to get married in one of the most dynamic and unique places on the Earth: Santorini! A lot of thoughts, hard work and dedication went into the planning their special day. Stephanie and John exchanged their vows overlooking the one of the most desirable views ever, The Caldera of Santorini. With the Diamond Rock venue perched on the dramatic cliff rocks surrounding the Caldera, they couldn’t have chosen a more scenic place on the Island.

A true taste of elegance swept over the Caldera when the couple opted for a stunning white & olive style of decorations, which leave a touch of charm and pureness. Stephanie had her hairs down with flowing curls and she wore a white breathtaking dress which broadcasts a sense of purity, elegance and freshness. John opted for a blue classical dress in order to mark his personal style. They decide to live their dreamed day in The Diamond Rock venue between the blue of the sky,

the crystal clear Aegean waters and the abrupt Caldera’s cliffs. The breathtaking Santorini Sunset graced the occasion and the fireworks added some extra color and sparkle to the sky above the couple. For us it was an honor took a part of the occasion and a big pleasure to give our professional planning. We wish you all the best and that the life can smile you as in this movingly day!