Match made in Heaven

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Date : 2020

From USA with love…


The Diamond Rock


vanja melnik

When you find your significant other it’s never too late. That saying fits perfectly to Amy & Kirk whose match was made in heaven. The amount of love for one another cannot be measured and their wedding couldn’t be anything else than the reflection of that love.

The color scheme the couple chose for their ceremony’s and reception’s decoration was yellow with blue, a perfect combination for such a vivid and stylish wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses were all light yellow according to the color palette while the best men’s suits matched the groom’s in a light grey shade.

The Bride, always with the smile on her face, got ready for the big day at the Villa along with her bridesmaids and her parents. At the same time, the Groom with his friends was practicing his vows waiting for the time to come.

With eyes shining from excitement the Groom was waiting for his Bride under the lush gazebo decor, which was perfect for that sunny day creating a shadowy space. The Bride walked down the aisle in the side of her father and moments later she joined her soon-to-be husband. They exchanged vows of love in front of their beloved ones with the view of the blue sea completing the background.

After a lot of photographs by the pool the reception started and all the guests seated in colorful tables with lemons’ and blue patterned decorations.

When the sun came down, Husband & Wife cut their cake and shared their first dance under the fireworks, starting their new life together.