Alexa & Nick

From America with love…


The Diamond Rock



Andritsos photography


We truly believe that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, regardless how far they wander. Hearing the story of Alexa and Nick make us even more strong believers. Being neighbors from their childhood and then meeting each other again in their adult life they could not ignore the fate that brought them together.

And what a better place to tie their lives than one of the most romantic places in earth, Santorini, and get back to our Bride’s country of origin.

Lush decorations with white flowers reflect a luxurious and chic essence and a long synthesis of orchids consisted the bridal bouquet. Our bride entered the ceremony wearing her amazing dress, full of lace and crystals, looking like a princess, with the sounds of cello and violin accompanying her and her father as they walked down the aisle.

Her Groom waited for her under the gazebo and the look in his eyes registered his love and respect. A friend of the couple performed the ceremony and everything was even more intimated despite the eighty guests, all friends and family that travelled half the world to celebrate with the happy couple. After the ceremony, the party moved to the pool area where the guests were mingling around while waiting for the newlyweds to come back from the location photo-shooting.

The whole decor was embellished with touches of gold here and there. A golden metal frame with a glass surface in it was the table chart our couple chose. Golden custom wax stamps with the initials of the couple on them held the names of the guests and guide them to the correct table at the reception.

White long tables were set up with greenery and lots of candles lighting up the place and warming the atmosphere. Olive oil favours with thank you notes were the gifts for friends and family which smelled and tasted like Greece. Balls of white flowers hanging above the bar were a small extra in the whole decorations.

All of the guests took their seats and our couple entered the reception having their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. After that the time of the parents’ dances took place with Alexa dancing with her father in the rhythms of “The way you look tonight” which matched the occasion like a glove.

Speeches and many toasts later and the party started even before the appetizers. After the dinner ended it was the time to cut the cake and fireworks light up the night sky which marked the official start of the party. And what a better way to party like a Greek than following the tradition and smash some plates on the dance floor while dancing Zorba.

The party kept going and Husband and Wife could not leave each other side through the whole night. The highlight of the night, the recreation of the classic scene of Dirty Dancing by Husband and Wife. Nick held Alexa tight and we wish them to continue loving each other more as the days pass.