My name is James

Date : 2011

From Poland with love…


Christos estate


Kapetanakis photography

Marta and Paul, a lovely couple from Poland, were dreaming of creating beautiful memories for a lifetime in one of the most romantic islands in the world, Santorini.  They deeply desired to be surrounded by their most beloved people at a stunning scenery where the azure of Aegean Sea, the caldera and the superb sunset unfold right before their eyes and say “I do” and begin this new beautiful chapter of their life together!

The terrace of Santo Wines overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, was the place where our couple set their heart. The azure seas and the rolling hills served as a subtle ceremony backdrop for their eternal vows.

The groom, in a formal suit, wowed the guests when arrived in the venue with an impressive vintage car, cut out from movies. Our bride, in a simple yet elegant wedding gown, accompanied by her father, was glowing with happiness at the moment of meeting her husband-to be. With a soft romantic music of flute and guitar playing in the background, Marta and Paul, with holding hands, pledged their devotion to each other.

The sea-drowned Caldera and the dazzling colors of the sunset painting the horizon offered a unique canvas for their memorable photos. Their attire along with the Porsche and the scenery perfectly matched with the concept of their photography for a splendid outcome.

In the spacious yard of the luxury Christou Estate villa, the couple’s first dance under the starlight sky was accompanied by fireworks which lit brightly their intimate moment. Once the first dance ended the couple and all their guests enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared by the Agaze Restaurant in a long candlelit table setting. As the night fell, the party began with drinks and lots of dancing in the rhythm of the live music!

Married in happiness and in health, our couple has offered us with a unique experience and we couldn’t be more honored to having met them! We wish to you, dearest Marta & Paul, many years filled with blessings in all your years to come.