Phoebe & Sam

From UK with love…


The Diamond Rock


Nikos Korakakis


Antonis Eleftherakis

We feel truly lucky when we meet a young couple, kind, open hearted and with fresh ideas! Meeting Phoebe and Sam, was -with no doubt- one of these times where your instinct guides you into perfectionism.  

Their wedding was a celebration and not just a ceremony. Both young and beautiful, gave us a great “material” to work for.

Our couple came from the United Kingdom to celebrate their special day in Santorini, along with some really close friends and family. The ceremony and the reception took place at the Diamond Rock venue, a place where everyone got thrilled with.

Phoebe had a special surprise for Sam, as right before the ceremony, gave him a love letter telling him how much she loves him and she was looking forward to their future together. Sam got so emotional and he wasn’t able to keep his tears!

Our Phoebe was the finest bride, as she chose to wear an elegant white wedding dress and a few discreet jewels. She was calm and happy. She couldn’t wait to see Sam standing at the end of the aisle.

The decoration theme was as beautiful and fresh as our couple. The main color of the decoration was in the shades of pink. The curtains on the gazebo were in dusty pink matched with some white and pink flowers too.

Phoebe & Sam, thank you for sharing with us your special day. May your new life be full of happiness, love, health and wealth.

 We know you love these lyrics and from now on, they will accompany you, throughout your married life:

“I can’t fool myself, I don’t want nobody else to ever love me

You are my shinin’ star, my guiding light, my love fantasy.