Bieke & Dimitris

From Belgium & Greece with love…


S.George church -The Diamond Rock venue


Nikos Korakakis


Alexandra Eleftheraki

Our Belgium couple. Such a small country in this big world.

Here is the” impression” that they gave us when we first met them.

“Dimitris raised in a family of Greek tradition and love.

Bieke, beside him. Staring at him… showing her love.”

Once they met us and soar our venue, they decide that the best place that they could get married was The Diamond Rock Venue. The magnificent view would definitely make their wedding a more unique event.

For months, we discuss and arrange any small details that they dreamed off. From the choice of decoration, food, drinks, vendors. Everything had to be perfect for them, family and guests.

Her dress, her shoes, rings, make up, hair style was chosen with a simply perfection. Chic & elegant.

Through Dimitris, she learned Greek tradition and could not imagine to have her wedding without any of them. She made her entrance on our donkey Annoula, followed from Greek musician. As a horse rider, she felt very secure to ride the donkey.

Dimitris, Greek origins, wear a simple and elegant blue suit. When Bieke made her entry, he could not have dreamed of a better wife to be.

The flowers, intense soft pink and white, with a touch of Gold always at the forefront. Colors seemed brighter and more brilliant while they did their entrance at the reception area.

Their decoration was shining as the sparkle in their eyes. As long as your glance was captured from the “quiet colors”, the romantic atmosphere, the happy faces of the guests, you could understand why everybody was there and close to the gently couple.

The Greek dancers, fireworks, could not miss the party! Cocktails, and music, which lasted until everybody “felt down” dancing.

The outcome is that he is loving and caring. Their only hope is in knowing that they are a part of each other’s life…

We truly believe, if you find someone who can completely turn your world around, then it is your other half….