Aya & Khaled

From Egypt with love…


The Diamond Rock venue


Nikos Korakakis


Maxos - Giorgos Kapetanakis

Fairytales always amazed us, here, at the Diamond Rock’s office.

So, it goes without saying that we were all excited to host an amazing Egyptian wedding dinner, a wedding dinner that could easily fit the pages of a book that travels the reader through Egypt culture and tradition.

The hosts for the night, at our unique venue, was Aya and Khaled, a beautiful eastern couple that requested a classy after wedding dinner party for their close family.  A couple that we have caught smiling every single time they looked at each other. With their love and sparkle how could anyone have anything less than a perfect time.

Aya’s dress was design by the famous Nehal Khalifa couture .

Ivory with lace details for the mini dress and a stunning skirt that left all guests in awe.  The look was finished with a long cream veil attached to a back piece.

They went a couple of hours for a photo shooting in one of the most unique spots of Santorini.

When they came back, the guests and close family just embraced them with such love that we felt so moved.

A long table full of candles made everything more romantic. Pink and gold is a perfect combination. The sense of luxury and impeccable taste that showed from the centerpieces to the gold cutlery to even the smallest details

Their party was absolutely fabulous, with everyone joining the dance floor and moving to eastern music. Egyptians are born dancers and we have the footage to prove it. The Bride and Groom did not leave the center stage, celebrating their love with the ones closest to them.

Having Greece as your destination wedding reassures three things:

Beautiful view, exceptional food, good music, fireworks and of course breaking plates. Their wedding reception included all of the above making each and every one say “Opa”.

This wedding party was a fairytale one and our prince and princess will leave happily ever after.