Kaman & Chris

From Beijing with love…


The Diamond Rock


Zvonimit Kusec


Zvonimit Kusec


Zvonimit Kusec

We could not find a more suitable title for this couple. Respect and tradition is the 2 words that come to our mind when we think about the wedding of Chris & Kaman.

A couple that came right from Beijing that will make us travel in the Chinese tradition.


Each wedding is a challenge for us, especially when tradition interferes.


The Ceremony and reception took place at the Diamond Rock Venue. They opt for aqua marine and pink decoration witch look absolutely fabulous and romantic.


After the civil Ceremony, the “The Ceremony “took place as a symbol of purity, stability and fertility.


They had a so talented photographer Zvonimir that took them around the island for a photo shooting and immortalize each moment.


Back to the venue, food, drinks, shoe game, speeches, emotion, laugh and dance took place.


Thank you Chris and Kaman for this amazing adventure that we went through, you made us feel how is important to respect our elders, to love and cherish our friends.


We are wishing a fabulous life back in Beijing.