Enchantment of Tamtams

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Date : 2020

From Ethiopia with love…


The Diamond Rock


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Ethiopian culture is full of amazing traditions and history. When Zizi and Yonas first told us their origins we were instantly excited to get to know how a classic Ethiopian wedding would look like.
The first thing we noticed about the couple was that they both are really beautiful and they have an extra stimulated sense of style. It goes without saying that everything that they have picked to wear at their special day was top self and carefully combined to match the traditional clothes.
The couple got ready at the Architect’s house, where they took great photos on the top of the cliff with the breathtaking caldera view. You can check the villa out here
our villa.
Their wedding ride to the venue of their choice could not be any less extravagant. They have picked a super nice, almost yellow vintage beetle that they absolutely rocked.
To have a successful destination theme wedding, one should naturally combine the two neighboring continents. Even though that seemed a lot in the beginning, we later on understood that Africa and Europe-and more specific Santorini- share a lot more than just the Mediterranean sea.
Two of Zizi’s aunts were cooking traditional African food and the unique spicy smell made everyone think that they were still in their country. The night included their signature bread which is maybe the most suitable combination to the extra spicy sauces they served.
The guests were wearing beautiful traditional dresses and suits.
The women’ dresses were white and had gold and red details and their front hair were caught on beautiful little braids. Everyone was like starring in a movie, a movie that the couple wrote and we perfectly delivered.
Their dancing moves were exceptional, they are born dancers and they proved it all night long. Their bodies move with great rhythm and their traditional music that speaks directly to the heart, made us all travel all the way down to Africa.
We wish you a happy life together, and may each day be as happy as your wedding day. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn about your customs.

Xoxo The Diamond Rock team.