Sparkling Love in Santorini: A Nordic Affair

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Date : 2000

From Norway with love…


Daimond Rock Venue


Lana photography


40 guests

From Norway to the sun-soaked shores of Santorini, a Nicoline & Karl wedding seamlessly blended Nordic elegance with the timeless allure of the Greek isle.

Against the iconic Santorini backdrop and the Aegean Sea, the celebration embraced Greek & Norway traditions, harmonizing them with the simplicity and sophistication.

A captivating highlight was the use of fountain sparklers, turning the night into a canvas of sparkling love as the couple dancing their first dance. The fusion of cultures, captured in vivid moments, marked a celebration that transcended borders.

In the heart of Santorini, where the sunsets are poetry and the sea whispers tales of romance, their love story unfolded. Each sparkling moment, immortalized in photographs, became a promise to journey through life together, weaving a tale of love in the magical embrace of this Mediterranean paradise.