Story of a flawless wedding!

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Date : 2020

From India with love…


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About a year ago we had the pleasure to get to know a wonderful couple called Manikaa and Tarinder!!! Our lovely couple with the origins from India found us from our website and our first meeting took place through Skype. Since the first sight we had an incredible connection between us and very soon we became friends! What really impressed us was their kindness, goodness, their smile as well as their powerful and lovely personality.
Manikaa and Tarinder decided to bind their lives together and to organize a unique wedding event! Their ideas and choices about their marriage were extraordinary! They let us know about their preferences about the decoration, music, dinner and the atmosphere they would like for their special event, so our team with them started the preparation for their magnificent event! What make us really glad was that Manikaa and Tandirer had the great opportunity to visit us in Santorini during the winter. Since our first meeting they felt extremely secured with us as they realised that all their wishes and details for their wedding would be perfectly organised!
For us their wedding was a great challenge as we love to organize marriages with multicultural backgrounds! So after many meetings and discussions with the couple we decided to separate the wedding event in two sections, making a European ceremony that followed with a reception based on the Indian culture and decoration!
Finally their wedding day has arrived and everything is perfectly prepared! The ceremony took place in the ideal and wonderful place of Venetsanos Winery, beneath the gazebo which was decorated with fuchsia bougainvillea. Simple and elegant! The time that the couple arrives was a truly emotional moment for all of us. Their family, friends and our team were so exciting and glad to see them happy, glamorous and in love! Manikaa and Tarinder were ready to bind their lives for their entire life.
After the wonderful ceremony followed a small but elegant cocktail party in Venetsanos Winery where the guests served with delicious Indian canapes prepared by the Petran Art catering! Everyone seemed so enthusiastic and ready to continue for the reception! So, after their photo shooting around the island the couple reach in our venue at the Architects Villas. There we had the opportunity to be in front of a unique Indian custom called bangle ceremony, where the couple organized it just for them and their intimate family! After their traditional custom the guests stat to arrive! Everything was prepared and the real party begun!
It was such an amazing reception based on the unique Indian culture! Pretty and colourful flowers, traditional costumes, Bollywood dances, selective music choices, colours and traditional Indian drums dominated in our Venue! For us was an amazing pleasure to see our couple and the guests to entertain, dance, smile and looked so excited about that special event! The served food by Mario restaurant was such an amazing surprize! They did an excellent job and they organised the desirable couple’s menu based on the Indian cuisine! When the party was over Manikaa and Tarinder as well as their guest seemed trilled! From now on our lovely couple would walk together on their common life’s path!
We were so glad to meet them and to have the great opportunity to organize their Special day! We truly wish them a future full of love and may their wedding be filled with special memories they can treasure forever!