Vee & James

From Venezuela with love…


The Diamond Rock



George Pahountis photography


When it’s time for two people to meet, there is nothing on Earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located. For Vee and James, who are originated from different places and have met in a third one, the only way to go is a destination wedding. A fourth place to seal their love..

And this place could not be other than Santorini.

White pumpkins with white, light pink and orange flowers and a hint of mint were the main decoration, first along the side of the aisle and then moved on the tables for the reception. White curtains dressed the gazebo with flower arrangements on the sides matching the rest of the flowers, letting the guests admire the magnificent view uninterruptedly.

Our Bride, wearing an elegant dress with diamond details, stood by her Groom, who wore a tie matching the color scheme, and they exchanged their vows under the Santorinian sun. Moments after, and a lot of family portraits later, all the guests were enjoying their drinks by the pool while our couple went for the location shooting.

The reception tables were set up, with lots of candles accompanying the pumpkins on the tables and fairy lights giving an extra sparkle to the night. Glass balls with succulents decorated the bar and the time has come for the reception entrances.

In pairs, first bridesmaids and groomsmen with the soundtracks of Toy Story, Pink Panther and Indiana Jones, just to heat up the atmosphere and last Husband and Wife with the sounds of Back to the Future. What a better start for a lively and joyful evening.

Right before the dinner, it was the time for the speeches when Best Man, Maid of Honor and Mr. & Mrs. took their turns and one by one all the guests burst into laughter hearing them.

Vee and James had their first dance as a married couple and fireworks light up the night sky.

A lot of dancing and drinking and plate smashing later and this party had come to an end but another one is up to follow.. The party of their life!