Toward the life’s ocean hardships and happiness hand in hand!

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Date : 1999

From UK with love…


On the Cliff & Madame Sousou


Rivios photography


16 guests

For many couples there’s no better place on earth to say “I do’ than in a cliff-top wedding at sunset with a scarlet sky as the backdrop, and On the Cliff offers just this at a variety of gorgeous venues.

Surrounded by nature and its beauty, with the perfect decoration of light pink pampas grass, earth palette colors such as the white-brown chairs and natural white roses, the couple exchanged their I do’s in front of their loved ones by enhancing that the ocean will make forever make them remember their wedding no matter where in the world they would be. The ceremony was accompanined with traditional music played by local musicians.

Our lovely couple extended their celebration reception in one of the most fascinating locations offering a dazzling Santorini sunset and breathtaking view of the Santorini landscape.

Leaded by this beautiful couple, the guests were guided toward a beautiful table in Madame Sousou, decorated with white roses and greenery, candles enhancing more the romanticism of the event, white centerpieces and fabulous fairy lights making the stars go shy that night.

Sharing memories and heart melting speeches, marked this event and the hearts of everyone present.


To you Chloe and Samuel, may your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine!