Susan & Frederic

From Norvegia with love…


Santa Irini - Astra suites



Ben Rigas


When we first met this lovely couple, and explain us their story, just one thought pass our mind: Love is in the air!!!!

They had met only six months before their marriage in Vietnam and fell in love at first sight. Since this day they never got apart.

Romance and romance for ever !!!

As traveler lover, they decide to get married in Santorini. A romantic and unique island.

After emails, skype calls, we were prepared for their special day.

When it came to decoration, we suggested to play with pale and romantic colors, with a rustic touch!!!

It was the perfect combination!

The background of the volcano really makes things easier for the wedding to be even more beautiful!!!

We are happy that just few months after their elopement, Suzan got pregnant, a pretty blond girl that is so lucky to grow up in a love environment.

May you take care of each other forever!!!


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