Joanna & Eddie

From Sweden with love…


The Diamond Rock venue


Nikos Korakakis


Vangelis Photography

From this day forward, Joanna and Eddie will never have to walk alone. The well-known ice Hockey player of the Calgary Flames married the love of his life, who managed to score his net without him even minding.

The happy couple enjoyed its special day with their closest friends and family and made a vow to always love each other, even during the championship season.

The beautiful Santorini background, the pastel colors and the way he looked at her, like she was magic, this made us believe in fairytales again.

A celebration of love, a moment that will stay with them forever and warm their heart no matter how much time will pass.  This fulfilling moment when you look your significant other and know you will grow old together. That is the first thing we got when we saw this beautiful couple. How lucky they are to find someone to match each other’s perfection.

Joanna looked beautiful in her wedding dress and everyone was in awe when she walked down the aisle for the last time, as a single girl. Of course, the Swedish goalkeeper could not take his eyes off of her.

The decoration was screaming romance from the smallest detail to the main deco pieces. There is no better way to describe love than using pastel colors. Hydrangeas and Peonies were the main flowers used for the decoration as apart from giving a classy vibe to the whole wedding, they are also a strong metaphor to love as they are the first ones to bloom in summer.

Having you dream wedding in Santorini, isn’t an everyday thing. So why not relate your favor to the beautiful Greek island, making it easier for anyone to never forget this paradise on earth. The couple has chosen little olive oil bottles as a favor for the guests, with pastel name tags on them and the wedding hashtag to make sure all their social media photos would be tagged under the new team they created. The #teambolack.

The party began with the couple dancing to a classic but truly beloved song “when a man loves a woman” with the newlyweds having their first steps in rhythm as a husband and wife. The dance ended with a Firework show, making everything feel even more like a romantic movie.

Their wedding would not be Joanna’s and Eddie’s wedding if it did not include a Greek version of Tacos that they both love so much. Everyone who knows them, would immediately consider that this would be the first thing they would take care of.  Indeed, their menu included Greek gyros that as Eddie quoted later is the Greek tacos.

So, here’s to the happy couple, here’s to their love and here’s to finally meeting someone to love more than even Canadians love hockey.