Unplanned Romances

Date : 2020

From Belgium & Greece with love…


The Diamond Rock


Antonis Eleftherakis

Our romances are our own books, where we write the pages ourselves and our journey through the chapters is to experience something that makes us feel unique and special. It doesn’t matter how the beginning starts, it’s the beautiful ending we all want to live.
For Letitia and Kostas the pages of their romance started unexpectedly one evening when they both strangers in a Bar. Costas was drawn to Letitia’s beauty and charm, but to his despair Letitia was uninterested and had no idea of their beautiful future ahead.
With Kostas’s Greek charm, he wasn’t giving up on the hope of romance with Letitia and with a little persistence the Italian beauty travelled through many chapters of love with him. Letitia could no longer resist.
They created two wonderful daughters together and experienced many great moments of joy along the way. Together they share the same interest of great style, humor and creativity.
Their passion for humor and creatively, lead them to ‘The Diamond Rock Wedding Planners’…The perfect match in designing their dream day and one of the most incredible chapters in their story. We knew that we had a genuine connection and energy to share with the couple in the planning process and a new-found friendship!
Santorini was most certainly the correct location for such a stylish couple. With one of the most unique, natural backdrops in the World. They were both swept away in the romantic setting and with memories they would never forget.
The couple went for stylish and elegant style of Wedding attire. Letitia wore a very flattering, slim line white dress with detailed lacing above her waistline. With a simply stunning veil and delicate head piece she looked perfect. The Bride’s bouquet matched the color palette of her dashing Groom.
Costas went for a stylish, yet slightly playful look in his tailored cropped trouser and suit jacket. He kept in the theme of the beautiful island by going with a blue and white color palette.
We expected nothing less than from this stylish duo.
It makes sense, the Grooms best men followed a stylish approach and wore matching classic, crop tailored suits too. The Bridesmaids wore slim fitted, blush delicate dresses.
Letitia and Costas choose the location of a pretty, traditional Greek Church in Oia for the Ceremony. They completed the true style with flying doves and a gentle donkey ride for their two charming daughters. Everyone truly enjoyed the moment, how could you not!
The couple drove in one of the most memorable ways on the Island. The Newlyweds cruised from the Church to the Diamond Rock Venue & Villa in a Buick Super 1949 Convertible.
It was a great choice to have the Reception and Party in the one and only ‘Diamond Rock Venue’. The venue is perched on one of the most exclusive and private spaces within the Caldera Edge.
Themed decorations were in a magnificent blush/blue color palette with a touch of Gold. The delicate flowers gently weaved around the gazebo.
On the long dinner table, the flowers were carefully intertwined with the gold tableware. Candles were weaved between the crystal glasses, it was a table fit for Royalty.
A handmade cake made with time, thought and care. It almost looked too good to eat. The cake fitted in perfectly with the whole Wedding theme and tasted delicious!
We believe the Newlyweds truly enjoyed their Dream Wedding Day that was designed especially for them and personalized to their every requirement. The day ended with a generous display of beautifully arranged fireworks. Sparkling so bright and lightening up the skyline above us.
We wish the happy couple the best future and chapters ahead…To good health, love and unity! It was a pleasure and honor to be part of your special day x