Volcano Shooting

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Date : 2020

From the Volcano of Santorini with loveโ€ฆ


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dimitris psillakis

To love, and to be loved, is the greatest happiness of existence. Ilgiโ€™s and Mertโ€™s smiles revealed exactly that and everyone that came to celebrate their union was the proof that this couple is for sure loved by many.
Romantic and chic were the keywords for the decorations and warm colored flowers were their final choice for the gazebo. White cages with doves complete the whole picture and the dramatic scenery of the Caldera could not be more matching to the canvas.
The bridesmaids, with dresses matching the colors of the flowers, pale orange, pink, pale coral, olive, took their places along with the groomsmen at the sides of the gazebo. At the center of it, our groom, waited patiently for his bride and his happiness was shown to his genuine smile. She walked down the aisle with love in her eyes and white flowers in her hair and her bouquet to meet her soulmate.
A simple, yet classic, olive branch served as a ring box just on time when bride and groom shared their vows. The love was overflown and Husband and Wife shared their first kiss under the summer sun.
With the sound of the saxophone the guests strolled around the pool enjoying their cocktails. A table full of candies served as a wish corner for sweet wishes to the newlyweds. A tall mirror with white frame, decorated with olive leaves and warm colored flowers, hosted the table chart and added an extra touch to the whole.
Chic and stylish describe perfectly the style of the reception as well. Full candlelight warmed the atmosphere and white wooden tables decorated with tall glass vases with roses were set ready to welcome friends and family. Greenery runners and chandeliers were their ceiling for the night along with the starry night sky.
A lot of speeches and family moments later our couple cut their cake, a simple yet tasteful two tier cake with white frosting and olive leaves, and played around with our bride filled her husband face with a lot of frosting.
They danced tenderly under the sounds of You are my best friend from Queen and the party of their life started. Fireworks and music made the night brighter and more joyful till the early hours.