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Date : 2002

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Love is the strongest bond between a man and a woman. From the moment we met our beloved couple, Jamie & Julie, they could not conceal their love that was reflected in their eyes.

After having visited Greece and especially Santorini several times, Jamie & Julie were certain that a wedding ceremony at the beach is all that they wanted. Inspired by spring decorations, citrus and greeneries were the dominant elements and in combination with earthy hand-made ornaments created a rustic charm.

A proud white horse could not be missing from this magical scenery in the beach. Our elegant bride riding the horse mesmerized Jamie who was waiting for her to tie the knot and start their happily ever after. The sound of waves crashing the shore were blending with the vows of our couple declaring their devotion while they were standing in a dock inside the sea.

The melodious sounds of a saxophone and a guitar marked the beginning of a party by the pool. The guests, dressed in shades of yellow, took their seats at the tables and anticipated the newlyweds to celebrate their new life.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day and witness your undying love. Together, may you experience joy beyond your imaginations.