Whispering promises to each other amidst the beauty of simplicity

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Date : 2023

From Lebanon with love…


Private balcony


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Our team was certain from the first contact we had with the future groom, Daniel, that this proposal event would be beautiful. Devoted, determined and passionate were key words that would descride this man, ready to seal his love with the woman of his dreams.

Within a short notice our team did everything possible in order to find the best location as Daniel had visioned it and within a day, we found the perfect spot. A private caldera cliff with a direct view of the sunset, no shops or crowds around, nothing but the pure beauty of nature that surrounded the spot. Their dinner table was simple but elegant, with a soft toned table cloth, many candles around, napkins, minimal decoration itmes, jars of flowers but of course a grand rose bouquet. Once everything was ready and the sun had began to slowly make its desent, our team layed low, patiently waiting for the couple to arrive.

Soon after, Daniel & Farah walked hand in hand down the stairs and towards the table, with her thinking this was a simple dinner reservation. However, as soon as the couple walked passed our team we could already hear the gasps of happiness in Farah’s voice. The photographer began his shots and one they reached the final platform Daniel kneeled. With tears of joy Farah said the big “YES” and that was the que for the saxophonist to join and set the mood with the most romantic music. Smiles, laughter, excitment and the element of surprise were all there, making us happy in knowing this proposal has been a beautiful success. The hugs and smiles never stopped for this couple, pure is what they offered to us all and we have been greatful of being a part of their special moment.

To a road ahead filled with hapinness and a marriage full of magic, we wish to you dearest Daniel & Farah, many years filled with blessings in all your years to come.