You magically captivated my soul

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Date : 2009

From America with love…


The Diamond Rock venue


kapetanakis photography

They say that love will find you wherever you are. The beautiful love story of our couple confirmed that our other half can be someone far away from our country.

As they desired a lavish wedding with a gorgeous natural backdrop, they agreed unanimously looking into each other’s eyes that the Diamond Rock venue was an idyllic place to start a bright future together.

An utmost glam set up lined up perfectly with the elegance and the magnificence of our radiant couple. A lush bloom of eucalyptus and flowers in champagne shade embellished every corner of the venue. The timeless palette of white and gold with hints of metallic in the decoration offered a touch of luxury at their special day.

Stunning bride made every jaw drop during her grand entrance at the aisle. She was shining like a diamond in her wedding gown decked out in sparkly accents and 3D appliqués. Her beautiful bridesmaids accompanied her and they standed by her side during the exchange of vows of our warm-hearted couple.

When the landscape shifted from day to dusk, innumerable lights casted a warm glow over the entire evening. Under a canopy of string lights the happy two had their first dance as husband and wife striking their guests with their choreography full of passion. A night of endless celebrations with Greek, Romanian and international songs ensued.

The day ended the way it started with love and lots of smiles. May all the days be like this one!