You Matter

Date : 2018

From Caucasus with love…




Nikos Gogas

On a sunny Monday of fall in Santorini, the refreshing breeze was wrapping the Akrotiri village, creating an ultimate dynamic atmosphere that boosted our energy.

The chosen ambience was simply unique and everything was settled on the huge cliffs of the famous lighthouse in the Wild West end of Santorini• the so right ingredients for an open air photo shooting!

The theme could not be other than the Greek wedding, but not only that…

The spirit that the Diamond Rock Wedding Planner is famous for portrayed the bewitching experience, in accordance with the desire to satisfy every kind of request, and -above all- uplifting the barriers for every kind of happiness, like the same sex marriage.

Frantseska Tsebelis, Head Event Planner, and her professional team wanted to create this particular event according to Greek canons by setting up ornamental structures of considerable importance.

The ornaments and decorations offered a scenic face representing a mix between history and presence, between past and modern age, a mixture of elements that characterize the strong Greek spirit.

A white temple with three arches was settled in the background, where the wedding gay couple was settled. Next to them two big mirrors were reflecting the two big Aphrodite’s statues, an ancient symbol of spring, beauty and endless love. Six chairs laid around in front of the big temple, having a semicircle and closed to them a trolley table, adorned by white vases containing fresh flowers, a pot with lemon, books about the ancient Greek history, a bowl with loukoumia and the traditional liqueurs, elements that truly represent the Greek flavors.

A great moment was dedicated to the typical dances that powered the ceremony with a folkloristic taste, transmitting happiness and joy to live the moment.

When the ritual ceremony ended, the lesbian couple sat down on the big rock of the lighthouse of Santorini admiring the colorful sunset in a total romantic atmosphere.

The photo-shooting ended with cheers, joy and a deep sense of satisfaction, thanks to the fulfillment of all potentials, tapping into the creativity beyond imagination and the commitment of always making the difference.


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